At Academy Sports + Outdoors, we believe the diversity of our Board of Directors, Team Members, customers, and all others with whom we interact enhances the quality of our work environment and our customers’ shopping experience. Academy encourages diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) and requires that all Team Members and vendors interact fairly, equally, and respectfully toward others. 

We have a DIB Committee composed of a diverse group of cross-functional leadership, which leads the promotion and development of our ongoing DIB initiatives. We have a network of Team Member Resource Groups (TRGs) and Academy Networking Groups (ANGs), which are Team Member-led and -organized groups formed with the purpose of building meaningful connections with fellow Team Members around their diverse cultures and common interests. 

How we celebrate diversity

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Black Alliance for Socia​​​​​​​l and Enterprise Success (B.A.S.E.S.):
Enriching the experiences of Black Team Members at Academy by facilitating personal and professional growth through meaningful discussions, events, and outreach activities.
Women in Leadership (W.I.L.):
Expanding support for women in diverse roles and encouraging women to take an active role in their personal and professional development by providing a forum to build strong relationships through networking, training, and community outreach.
LGBTQ+ and Allies:
Creating a welcoming forum to support equality of opportunity and experience by participating in peer-to-peer and group mentoring, informational discussions, community outreach events, as well as social networking opportunities.
Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (V.E.T.S.) at Academy:
Fostering a military/veteran friendly environment at Academy and facilitating a network of Team Members that share an interest in the military community.
Providing a space to promote inclusion and belonging for Hispanics and Latinos at Academy, while fostering cultural awareness to positively impact how Academy achieves its strategic priorities.
Desi Dhamaka:
Boosting team member engagement by introducing fun activities from South Asia while educating on Indian subcontinent cultures and traditions. Desi Dhamaka aims to do this while striving to celebrate and provide a fun learning environment with memorable experiences.
Asian American & Pacific Islander:
To foster community, inclusion, and belonging for and among Team Members who identify as Asian and Pacific Islander and to educate and promote the diverse cultures and traditions of Asia and Pacific Island in the United States and abroad.